Our hair is one of the accessories that we can express ourselves best. When this is the case, it is up to us to shape them according to ourselves. There is an alternative way for those who are bored with the ordinary and want to achieve a different and bold look; Brazilian Braid. Although its construction requires effort, this process, which has a very satisfactory result, is frequently in demand today. The aforementioned process is inspired by many cultures around the world and has reached the present day as Brazilian Braid.

To explain more clearly, we can say that Brazilian Braid is the shape given to the hair with the help of hair extensions to make the short hair look much longer and neater.

It can be applied regardless of male or female. Men who want to have Brazilian braids do not have any problems, as they will use extensions in their hair. If we say that the appearance obtained as a result of the application depends entirely on the desire and taste of the person, we will not use the wrong expression. The colors of the synthetic hair to be added to the Brazilian Braid, the thickness of the braid or the accessories to be attached to the braid are planned and applied completely according to the taste of the person who will have this process. 

It should be noted that the procedure performed in every hairdresser will not give the same result. When this is the case, it would be a wise choice to leave the job to the expert, as in everything else. Otherwise, when an application is made to a person who is not an expert in this field, the braids will start much lower than the root’s, and the hair form will slowly be lost as the hair grows. This is something that no one wants. For this reason, Brazilian Braiding by a professional will both prolong the process and help to obtain a much more regular hair form.

How to Make a Brazilian Braid?

First of all, you should know that this process will take some time to complete due to its fine workmanship. Before starting the Brazilian Braiding application, the hair to be treated must be clean. This is because clean hair makes application much easier. Afterwards, the hair is divided into sections with the help of a fine comb. Thus, a much more comfortable work area is created. Afterwards, extensions are added to the hair and braiding is started from the bottom. Here, the part that will reveal the professionalism of the hairdresser is the braiding of the hair starting from the very bottom. Otherwise, the above-mentioned results may occur. Afterwards, the knitting is continued until the end tightly. Knitting is always started from the nape, since the process will take too long, it is aimed that the person will not have any problems when it hangs the next day.

Brezilya Örgüsü Nasıl Yapılır?
How to Make a Brazilian Braid?

How Long Do Brazilian Braid Last?

One of the best things about Brazilian Braiding is that it lasts up to 3 months, of course when done by a professional. During this time, you can wash your hair two or three times a week and continue to do your classic care. However, when the Brazilian Braid process is left to an amateur, the usage time will be much shorter and the hair form will deteriorate. In addition, deformation of the hair may also occur. For this reason, choosing professional centers such as Mr&MsBeauty can provide great benefits in terms of hair health.

Brazilian Braid Maintenance

As it is believed, people who have Brazilian Braids do not have any problems washing their hair. Normal hair washing routine can be easily continued after Brazilian Braid. The place to be sensitive is the hair roots. For this reason, washing the hair roots by gently massaging them also prevents the roots from hurting. The only point to be careful about is not to wash the hair every other day. The reason for this is to extend the life of the Brazilian Braid. It will be enough to wash the hair 2-3 times a week.

Brezilya Örgüsü Bakımı
Brazilian Braid Maintenance
Does Brazilian Braid Damage Hair?

Does Brazilian Braid Damage Hair?

When this process is done correctly, it does not damage the hair. In addition, the hair care of people who have Brazilian Braids is also important. At the end of 3 months, the view you will see when the hair is opened may surprise you. Because when you get rid of your braids, you will see that some of your hair is falling out. The reason for this loss is definitely not that’s braids. A healthy person can shed about 100 strands of hair per day. In Brazilian braids, these strands can scare you, as the hair is not opened for a very long time. But these braids do not cause any hair loss.

The Advantages of Brazilian Braid

Besides the beautiful appearance of the Brazilian braid, the biggest advantage is not upsetting you with the hair that is constantly electric and deforms. You can use your hair that you take care of easily for a long time. In addition, your hair will look much more abundant than normal. The only thing that will force you with the Brazilian Braid is that it will make your hair a little heavy. But this is not a problem for most users.

Brazilian Braid Price

Pricing in Brazilian Braid may differ depending on the quality of the process applied in each salon and the products used. In order to achieve the healthiest result, it is beneficial to choose professionals who know their job. Mr&MsBeauty is one of the most accurate addresses you can choose in the Brazilian Braid. Download now to get much more information about Brazilian Braid prices!

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