Every woman’s beauty expectations are different. Some want their curly hair to dance in harmony, while others want to have perfectly straightened and shiny hair. When the desired model and the hair structure of the person are different from each other, applications that will take hours emerge. We are here with a unique solution for those who want to have straight hair, Brazilian Blowout.

We’re going to tell you about the Brazilian blowout, which you may have heard of before. This process, which can give the shape you imagine to your hair, which you can only entrust to safe hands, is an alternative that will meet your expectations and make you smile.

What is Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian blowout is a hair straightening process that can maintain its permanence for a long time. This process provides straightening of the hair by applying various chemicals and keratin by professional hairdressers. Curly, wavy, healthy, dyed, treated and weathered; that is, it can be easily applied to all hair types. Another thing you should know about Brazilian blowout is that this process only straightens your hair. If you have curly hair and your hair looks voluminous when you straighten it, your hair will still look straight and voluminous after a Brazilian blowout. In addition, since the hair is reinforced with keratin at a high rate during the process, it looks much brighter and more vibrant than it is. A Brazilian blowout also allows you to take care of your damaged hair, so it’s two birds with one stone. 

Suitable for all hair types, this process saves you a lot of time. In addition, since your hair will be straight during the permanence of the process, you do not need to straighten your hair and expose it to heat afterwards.

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What is Brazilian Blowout?

How to Make the Brazilian Blowout?

There are a few important points to consider in order not to frazzle the hair before the procedure. First of all, the hair should be washed twice with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of excess oil and dust. The reason for washing it twice is that in the first wash, the hair is desired to be free of daily dirt, and in the second wash is to get rid of the dead scalp. Afterwards, the hair should be dried so that some of it remains damp. The reason why the hair is not completely dried is that the substances to be applied penetrate the hair much faster.A high rate of keratin is applied to the dried hair so that it does not reach the roots. The hair, which will be revived with keratin, is left for a while to ensure absorption. Then, the hair is dried at a medium setting, which will not wear out the hair, and straightened at high heat. Since there is keratin in the hair, this process does not cause high damage to the hair.

After the hair is straightened, no treatment is applied to the hair between 24-72 hours. Because the keratin applied to the hair with the help of heat must penetrate the hair. After the desired time has passed, the hair is purified with the help of a natural shampoo. After all these procedures, the person gets the soft, shiny and straight hair that she dreams of.

Does Brazilian Blowout Damage Hair?

The first goal in the Brazilian blowout process should be to minimize the damage to the hair. For this reason, performing this process in professional places such as Mr & Ms Beauty provides great benefits in preventing undesired results. The products used by the hairdresser are of great importance in terms of quality. The high content of formaldehyde in the keratin product used can cause serious damage to the hair. For this reason, products containing formaldehyde should be avoided. The quality of the salon you will choose will prevent your hair from being damaged. Trying Brazilian Blowout at home can have bad results for you. The products you prefer and the heat method you apply to the hair can damage your hair. Moreover, the result you will get may not be equivalent to the one at the hairdresser. For this reason, it would be a wise choice for your hair health not to try such applications at home.

Brazilian Blowout also allows you to leave your hair fallow, thus minimizing existing damage over time. Thanks to the intense keratin applied, the hair is affected by heat as less as possible.

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Does Brazilian Blowout Damage Hair?​
How Long Is the Permanence of the Brazilian Blowout Process?​

How Long Is the Permanence of the Brazilian Blowout Process?

One of the most curious issues about this process is the permanence period. Brazilian blowout can stay on the hair for 3 to 6 months when done in safe hands. Of course, there are a few things you can do to increase this time. First of all, you should not tie your hair constantly.In addition, you should know that processes such as ombre and highlighting will shorten the life of Brazilian Blowout.In addition, after washing your hair, you should always dry it with the help of a blow dryer. Thanks to these measures, you can extend the life of this process.

Brazilian Blowout Prices

Pricing for Brazilian Blowout may vary depending on the quality of the treatment applied in each salon and the products used. In order to achieve the healthiest result, it is of great benefit to choose professionals. Mr & Ms Beauty is one of the best addresses you can choose for Brazilian Blowout. Click here to learn more about Brazilian Blowout price!

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