If the wedding time, one of the most important days of our lives, has finally arrived, every bride deserves to spend this special day in the most perfect way! Bridal hair is one of the things that will attract the most attention on this day, where everything from the wedding dress to shoes, from wedding hall to theme is considered. The only thing missing for the bride who finds the perfect wedding dress is her hair style and make-up. When choosing the hairstyle, many details should be taken into account.

Things to Consider When Choosing Bridal Hairstyle

The most important thing that will complete the bride’s look on this beautiful day is undoubtedly her hair. But there are some points to consider when choosing a hairstyle. The bride should feel comfortable in her chosen hairstyle. For this reason, we have listed a few points to consider when choosing a bridal hair model.

  • Hair Length and Color

Brides with long hair have much more style options. However, brides with short hair can easily get ready for the wedding thanks to hair extensions. But there are also many model options for brides who love short hair. A hair that is slightly wavy or completely straight and adorned with accessories can also make you the star of the day. Hair color is also very important. Some hair colors may not look good on some hairstyles. For this reason, we should state that getting an expert opinion in Bridal hair selection will be of great help.

  • Face Shape

Since each face type is unique and different from each other, the styles to be applied to them will also be different from each other. If it is desired to highlight the face, a tight bun can be used; or a large forehead can be closed with the help of bangs.

  • Wedding Venue

It should be clarified whether the wedding will be held outdoors or indoors. Because the hairstyle should also be compatible with the venue. To speak more clearly; The decoration in hall weddings is quite ostentatious. In this type of venue, the bride’s wavy or braided hair can remain uninspired. For this reason, a loose or tight bun should be preferred to achieve a stylish look in salon weddings. Hellenistic or slightly curly wavy hair should be preferred for countryside or yacht weddings.

  • Wedding Dress

The hair bridal application must be compatible with the wedding dress. Choosing a hairstyle that will overshadow the wedding dress or choosing a hairstyle that will remain uninspired next to the wedding dress may cause you to remember your wedding day badly. Bridal hair should always be in harmony with the wedding dress. In this way, your most special day can be remembered in a very fairy tale way.

Things to Consider When Choosing Bridal Hairstyle
Tesettür Gelin Başı Seçerken Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler
Things to Consider When Choosing Bridal Hijab

Things to Consider When Choosing Bridal Hijab

  • Wedding Dress

Bridal hijab should be in great harmony with the wedding dress chosen by the bride. Because a bridal style with a small bun on a glamorous wedding dress can cause a great contrast in appearance.

  • Make-up

Make-up is as important as the wedding dress in choosing a bridal hijab model. Heavy make-ups in addition to the fancy buns can cause eye strain after a while. Or a make-up that is pale compared to the bun can cause you to look very pale in the photos.

  • Veil

The choice of veil can change your entire look in an instant. The veil length chosen in accordance with the wedding dress should also be suitable for the bride’s head model. Multi-layered and glittering veils can prevent bridal hijab. Or, very thin and plain veils can make the bride’s head look bad.

  • The Accessories

Care should be taken when choosing, as the accessories will complement the whole look. Large crowns and accessories to be preferred in order to look magnificent can be heavy on the head and attract a lot of attention instead of being complementary.

You are the person who will get the most attention on your wedding day. For this reason, you should not forget that all your choices from decoration to wedding dress, from make-up to bride’s head will completely reflect you and your style. For this reason, if you find it difficult to make a choice on any subject during this process, consulting an expert will help you.

Bridal Hair Prices

Pricing may vary depending on the quality of the process applied in each salon and the products used. In order to achieve the healthiest result, it is of great benefit to choose professionals who know their job. Mr & Ms Beauty is one of the most accurate addresses you can choose in the bridal hair application. Download the app now to get much more information about Bridal hair prices!

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