Eyebrow design is an important issue in terms of personal care and beauty. Eyebrows can give the face a symmetrical appearance. Therefore, eyebrow shaping and eyebrow design is done regularly. The thinness or thickness of the eyebrows allows the whole face to change. Sculpted, full eyebrows can add a youthful and energetic look to the face. In addition, eyebrow design has a complementary quality in terms of make-up. Shaped and full eyebrows are necessary for a successful make-up. Thus, a pleasant expression is added to the face and the eye make-up is completed. Eyebrow design for men and women should be done by professionals, so that an eyebrow appearance suitable for the face shape can be obtained.

What Is Eyebrow Design?

Eyebrow design means reshaping the eyebrows in accordance with the facial structure. In this process, the focus is on how the shape, thickness or curve of the eyebrow should be. After eyebrow design, eyebrows can have a natural, curved appearance.

Curved eyebrows create an attractive appearance, while raised eyebrow models create a more feminine appearance. For more natural looking eyebrows, a flat design without curves is preferred. Natural eyebrow design has become more popular recently and is frequently preferred.

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What Is Eyebrow Design?

How Should Eyebrow Design Be?

Finding the right eyebrow style for the face is extremely important. For this, certain measures are taken into account when designing eyebrows. Eyebrow design should be done by preserving the natural eyebrow structure of the person. Thus, a more modern look can be achieved. Let’s take a look at which models are generally used in eyebrow design according to the face structure.

A thinner and slightly curved eyebrow design can be preferred for people with a square face structure and prominent facial features, thus the eyebrows give the face a more harmonious and soft appearance. Curved eyebrows are more suitable for people with a round face structure, and a thick and bowless eyebrow model is more suitable for long faces. For oval face structures, a thinly shaped and elongated eyebrow structure serves a more complementary function. Finally, it should be noted that thick eyebrow design models will look better for heart-shaped face structures.

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How to Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape?

How To Shape Eyebrows?

We can answer the question of “How to shape eyebrows?”, that they are made with different methods such as microblading, eyebrow lamination, and powdering. The important thing for eyebrow design is to determine what your eyebrows need. If you have a thick eyebrow structure that does not fit your face, you can have an eyebrow design done by only thinning your eyebrows. The shape of your eyebrows.” If it is not symmetrical and this situation bothers you, you can resort to methods such as eyebrow lamination or microblading.

Brow lamination is based on shaping the eyebrows upwards without any additions and is permanent for several months. It is recommended to have it done by a professional, but it can also be done at home by purchasing eyebrow lamination kits. Since an effective adhesive is used during eyebrow lamination, it is extremely important to apply the process properly.

Microblading is also known as the bristle technique and is preferred for thin eyebrows. In this method, the gaps between the eyebrows are given the appearance of hair with permanent dye, and both the eyebrows are filled and their shape is regulated. Microblading is also known as eyebrow contouring. The important thing in eyebrow contour is that the new shape to be given to the eyebrows can adapt to the face type. Various measurements are made on the face to achieve the perfect shape for the face. However, the application of microblading on oily skin is not preferred as it may lead to a worse appearance in the long run, instead, the powdering method can be chosen.

How to Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape?

“How to Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape?” The first answer to the question is based on finding the most suitable eyebrow shape by evaluating the facial structure and lines, as we have mentioned before. To achieve this ideal look, it is necessary to make various measurements on the face. These measurements are made by considering the forehead and forehead width, eye structure, the angle of the nose in the face, facial structure, and width. For example, curved eyebrow models are preferred for a wide forehead face. In addition, eyebrow color is one of the elements that should be considered in eyebrow design.

How to Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape?

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The Most Curious About Eyebrow Design

Eyebrow design is made by considering the structure of the face. Microblading and eyebrow lamination is one of the most used methods in eyebrow design.

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