Eyebrows have a quality that adds expression to the face and complements the eyes. Therefore, shaping eyebrows is seen as a complementary step for beauty. However, in some cases, shaping eyebrows alone is not enough and more may be needed. One of the options to be evaluated at this stage is eyebrow lamination.

What is Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination contains vitamin, keratin, and protein support and allows the eyebrows to take a new form and gain volume. Brow lamination is also referred to as eyebrow lifting or eyebrow botox. In this method, the natural shape of the eyebrows is preserved and they are shaped upwards, giving the eyebrows a more lively and voluminous appearance. Also, no painful procedure is applied during eyebrow lamination.

Eyebrow lamination is also considered as a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup application. It helps to disappear the tired look that can be caused by low eyebrows. In addition, it also allows the shaping of eyebrows that grow in different directions, creating an irregular appearance, and it also ensures the appearance of properly elongated, bushy eyebrows.

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What is Brow Lamination?

How To Do Eyebrow Lamination ?

Eyebrow lamination is applied painlessly, apart from other eyebrow methods. Now let’s examine how to make eyebrow lamination step by step:

  • First, if there is any make-up on the eyebrows, this make-up is removed, and the area is cleaned with a special eyebrow shampoo so that there is no oil residue on the eyebrow skin. This process can also be done with a primer.
  • Afterwards, the desired shape is given to the eyebrows, the eyebrows are combed upwards, and then this shape is fixed by using a special adhesive. A fine and special comb is used during this process, so a more efficient result is obtained.
  • After the adhesive, two different solutions are applied on the eyebrows and this mixture is left on the eyebrow for 45 minutes on average.
  • If the eyebrow lamination process includes dyeing, the eyebrows are dyed after this waiting period. This makes the eyebrows look more voluminous for a long time.
  • After eyebrow dyeing, botox care is also applied to the eyebrows. This botox applied to the eyebrows is not injected into the skin with a needle, its basis is to strengthen the eyebrows by taking care of them. Thanks to this care, the eyebrows get the keratin and vitamins they need.
  • If there is a need to pluck the eyebrow, finally the excess eyebrow wires are removed, eyebrow shaping is done and the eyebrow lamination process is completed.
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How to Do Eyebrow Lamination at Home?

How to Do Eyebrow Lamination at Home?

Eyebrow lamination is generally applied by professionals in beauty salons. Considering the permanence of the adhesive applied to the eyebrows, the help of an expert can be taken to make the shape given to the eyebrows look aesthetic. However, eyebrow lamination can also be done at home.

“How to do eyebrow lamination at home?” The answer to the question will be to first get a set of eyebrow lamination. These sets, also known as eyebrow lamination kits, should be chosen as they will contain all the materials you need to make eyebrow lamination at home. Now let’s examine the steps of making eyebrow lamination at home:

  • First, the eyebrows are cleaned, the skin is cleansed of its oily structure and made ready for the eyebrow lamination application. Micellar water or face wash gel can be used for this.
  • The eyebrows are scanned upwards as desired, and then this process is continued by applying the adhesive included in the set. There is a tiny comb in the set to separate the eyebrows one by one and is used at this stage.
  • After waiting for an average of 10 minutes, other solutions are applied on the eyebrows. It is waited by covering it with cling film. Cling film is preferred because it makes the process more effective and faster.
  • After the process is completed, the adhesive is cleaned with the solution in the kit.
  • If you wish, you can pluck your eyebrow, shorten it or color it.

Is Eyebrow Lamination Safe?

Since the application of eyebrow lamination is made with highly effective adhesives and solutions, it may cause irritation on sensitive skin and eyes. This may also result in eyebrow shedding. In addition, the smell of the adhesive can have a hard time for those who have shortness of breath. Therefore, if you have a sensitive skin type, you should thoroughly research the materials you will use or be used. One of the steps of eyebrow lamination, eyebrow botox, that is, feeding the eyebrows with a special mixture is a step that should not be skipped. The reason for this is that the eyebrows are nourished and strengthened and as a result, the risk of shedding is reduced.

FAQS About Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination usually lasts for 6 or 8 weeks after application. During this period, it helps to add a more effective expression to the face by making the eyebrows look fuller.

Eyebrow lamination application is frequently preferred for people with eyebrow hair loss, people who do not have symmetry between the eyebrows, people whose eyebrows grow in the opposite direction and irregularly, and people with low eyebrow structure.

Eyebrow lamination is a semi-permanent eyebrow make-up that is supported by applying various solutions to the eyebrows that are shaped by combing upwards with a special adhesive. In some eyebrow laminations, eyebrow dyeing is also preferred. As a result of eyebrow lamination, the tired appearance of eyebrows can be prevented.

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