Plump and long eyelashes are one of the most important steps of an impressive look and a flamboyant eye make-up. For this reason, most mascara brands base their advertising campaigns on how long they can lengthen and plump lashes. A make-up in which the lashes are not filled is never considered complete. Eyelash extensions application, mascaras and false eyelashes are a much more permanent eyelash augmentation method.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a method that is added to the eyelashes and helps them to become fuller. These artificial eyelashes, which are made of silk material, are placed one by one between the eyelashes with a special process. During this process, a special adhesive is used. It is highly recommended that the salon chosen for the production of Eyelash extensions is an expert in its field, because it is an application that must be done meticulously in a sensitive area.

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What Are Eyelash Extensions?​

How Eyelash Extensions Are Applied?

The question of “How to apply Eyelash Extensions? is one of the most frequently asked questions in this regard. Now let’s examine how this process is done step by step:

  • First, a special tape is applied under the eyes. This tape ensures that the excess adhesive is placed on it after removal and protects the eye.
  • Afterwards, the medical adhesive to be used to bond eyelash extensions is prepared.
  • A small amount of glue is taken, a point is chosen from the middle. The selected eyelash is dipped in the adhesive and separated by selecting the point to be adhered. Adhesive eyelashes are placed on the selected point in a way that preserves the natural eyelash appearance.
  • It is extremely important that the glued eyelash is in the correct position and corrected if it is in the wrong position, because it is more difficult to fix this eyelash after the glue has dried.
  • With the same method, eyelashes continue to be attached to different areas. Applying it to a different area, not next to the added eyelashes, prevents the newly attached eyelash from deforming.
  • It is important to remove excess glue, as using too much glue creates a bad look at the base of the eyelashes.
  • At certain time intervals, a special dryer is used for better drying of the adhesive.
  • This method is applied to both eyes, and the equality between them is completed.

Eyelash Extensions Supplies

  1. Lash Adhesive (quality and reliable brands should be preferred)
  2. Eyelash Extensions Pads (a medical tape used under the eyes during the application)
  3. Eyelashes Dryer (in eyelash extensions application, it is an equipment that is used periodically and dries the adhesive quickly and shortens the process)
  4. Different types of Tweezers (Special tweezers that must be used expertly during the procedure to hold the lashes and separate the natural lashes)

It is possible to obtain sets containing all these products from some marketplaces or from the internet.

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Eyelash Extensions Supplies​
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Eyelash Extensions Care

Eyelash Extensions Care

One of the most curious issues of those who have Eyelash extensions is their care. After Eyelash Extension application, water should not touch the eye area within 24 or 48 hours.In addition, it is important to comply with hygiene rules. While sleeping, should not welter the way that will damage the eyelashes. Besides, the eyes should not be touched, as this causes the eyelashes to fall out. Another point is not to be in extremely hot places. A specialist can be consulted to re-add the lost eyelashes.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Eyelash extensions allow you to be ready for every day without the need for false eyelashes, but it is wondered if they are harmful. One of the most curious about the subject is whether eyelash extensions cause natural eyelashes to fall out. It is also very important to choose the right specialist for this application. The use of quality materials and the meticulous application prevent natural eyelashes from falling. There is a possibility that your skin may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive used, in this case the damage of eyelash extensions application may occur.

Eyelash Extensions Prices

Eyelash Extensions prices may vary according to the experience of the specialist and the materials used. To access Eyelash Extensions price information, you can visit our application and easily contact experts in the field.

FAQS About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions removal application is a process that should be done by professionals. With special solutions that can dissolve the adhesive, eyelash extensions can be removed without irritating the eyelid.

A special solution should be used to get rid of Eyelash Extensions at home, otherwise the eyelid may become irritated. In addition, the adhesive can be softened with steam. You can also use oil-based makeup remover that will cause your Eyelash Extensions to fall out. It is also very important for your natural eyelash health that you do not pull out your fake lashes.

Eyelash Extensions prices may differ from city to city and from expert to expert. For more detailed information about the price, you can visit our app!

Eyelash Extensions are permanent for up to two months when cared for and not damaged.

Lashes are separated with special tweezers and eyelash extensions are placed between them. A high quality and special adhesive is used for this process.

You can have Eyelash Extensions application in beauty salons where only experts work. However, it is also possible to get a professional service in the comfort of your home. Visit our app for more detailed information!

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