Hair is one of the biggest factors that make us have a good day. In addition to the softness and fullness of the hair, the haircut is also very important. Haircut is a process that we do when we want a change in our lives or to add vitality to our hair.

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Haircut Styles

Haircut Styles

Haircut models vary according to the person’s preference and facial structure. Now, let’s examine the most used haircut models:

  • One of the most preferred haircut models is the layered haircut. Layered haircut is a model in which there is a difference in length between the hairs, thus adding a more voluminous look to the hair. It can be applied to short or long hair. In the layered haircut models applied to thin hair types, the layers are usually started from the ear level, so that the hair looks more lush and dense. For those with thick hair, layers that are closer to the ends of the hair and starting from below the neck are preferred, thus preventing the formation of a fluffy appearance. For those with curly hair, it is recommended that the length difference between the layers be large, so that the hair will not fluff excessively.
  • The blunt haircut, which is among the haircut models, is a model that is generally used with a straight cut, with varying lengths at shoulder or chin level. Besides straight cutting, it is also suitable for layered cutting. It gives a modern look to the person and can adapt to almost any face type as long as it is not shortened too much.
  • Short haircut is a haircut model that goes down to the chin or below the neck. Short haircuts, which are similar to blunt hair, can be applied straight or layered.
  • Straight haircut is one of the classic haircuts that can be applied to short or long models, preferred by those who want to grow their hair in a healthy way.
  • The V haircut is the name given to the haircut that shortens the hair to the front and takes a “v” shape at the back.
  • Bob haircut is a recently popular haircut model, which is cut at the level of the chin and gives a wave appearance towards the nape, creating a modern and stylish look.
  • The lob haircut, which is a longer model than the bob style, is cut at shoulder level, so it fits more face types than the bob haircut. The lob haircut is a style in which the hair on the nape is shorter and the hair length is longer towards the front.
  • The oval haircut is also known as the u-cut, and the hair is progressively shortened to the front, giving it an oval shape.

Man Haircuts

Men’s haircuts usually include shorter models, and a hair clipper, razor or scissors can be used in combination with this haircut. It is usually shaped according to the facial structure. One of the most prominent in men’s haircut models is the number 3 haircut, also known as the classic short haircut.Number 3 haircut models are based on the fact that all hair is the same length and are cut with the number 3 head in electric hair clippers.It has become popular again today. This style, known as the American haircut, is a model in which the hair on the top is left longer and the hair on the lower part is left shorter. For longer haircuts, bun hairstyles for messy long hairstyles are preferred. The classic haircut, in which all sides of the hair are cut equally, is one of the most preferred men’s haircut models.

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Man Haircuts
Best Haircuts for Face Shape

Best Haircuts for Face Shape

Since the hair is a complementary element for the face, cutting it according to the face type creates an aesthetic appearance. It covers different hairstyles which are more suitable for oval, rectangular, round or square faces. For oval face haircuts, bob haircut models are usually recommended. In addition, almost any hairstyle can adapt to oval faces. Pixie cut, long bob, layered haircut is suitable for those with oval face structure. Haircuts for a round face should be chosen among layered models. Layered short haircut models will make the round face look thinner and longer.

“How should a long face haircut be?” If you are asking, we can say that it should be layered hairstyles, long bob models, medium or long, curly hairstyles.Straight and bluntly cut hair should not be preferred for long face types as it will make the face appear longer. For rectangular face shapes, curly and wavy hairstyles are more suitable, while long and bangs models are recommended for square face shapes.

FAQS About Haircut

“How To Cut Hair?” The answer to the question varies according to the model to be cut. To cut a straight model, the hair can be cut in a straight line with a hair clipper by blow-drying the hair. Afterwards, the excess parts at the bottom are corrected.

“How should a curly haircut be?” The answer to the question is hidden first, long layered. When curly hair is cut, the difference in length between the layers prevents the hair from fluffing excessively. In addition, hairstyles with bangs are not recommended for curly hair types. Finally, the expected result in terms of length can be achieved if curly hair is cut dry.

Although hair cut at home usually does not look as good as in barbershops, this can be corrected with practice. For a haircut at home, the sides are shortened and the process begins. A graded cut is made starting above the ear, the bottom of the hair is cut with the smallest comb. The same process is applied evenly for the entire lower part of the hair. Since cutting the tops of the hair with a machine can create a wavy and unsightly appearance between the hair, the tops should be cut with scissors using a comb.

There are some practical ways to get a layered haircut at home. In the most preferred method, first the hair is washed and combed, then the hair is divided into 7 equal parts and the separated parts are fixed with the help of a hairpin. The hair in the lowest sections is cut. Other hair parts are cut to be shorter than this length. For thin hair, the layers can go up to the back of the ears, while for thick hair, short layers should be cut under the neck and short intervals. In the layered haircut style, the remaining sections at the top are combed upwards and cut in this way.

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