The turban design is a trend that is preferred on special occasions and has become increasingly popular lately. In this design, turban models accompanied by different accessories are used. Let’s examine what the turban design is and how it is done, in which turbans are shaped according to the face structure of the person and suitable for the skin tone.

What Is Hijab Design?

The turban design is the design of the turban to have a more aesthetic and glamorous appearance, as opposed to the daily look. It is usually done by professionals. The turban design is completed by using different accessories.These accessories can be plain or ostentatious depending on the desired model.While designing the turban, care is taken to make it look harmonious with the dress and make-up. For this reason, it is a priority for the turban to look like a whole with the outfit. In addition, attention is paid to the person’s facial structure, skin color and personal preferences.

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What Is Hijab Design?

Bridal Hijab Designs

Bridal Hijab has an important place among hijab designs. Bridal hijab styles, which are more flashy than classical designs, are supported by tulle and shiny accessories and aim to create aesthetic shapes suitable for wedding dresses. When the Bridal Hijab veil is done, a white or off-white turban is used in the same color as the wedding dress. The accessories added on the turban are usually the same as the accessories on the wedding dress. Thus, a complementary style is created. Pearl turban accessories, which have been in fashion recently, stand out among bridal hijab veils. Bridal hijab veil models are usually complemented by a fluffy or plainer tulle veil fixed to the back bun. While applying these models, the bride’s facial structure should be taken into account, and different styles should be applied for pointed or square faces.

Hijab Designs & Styles​

Hijab Designs & Styles

Hijab design models vary according to the purpose of construction. Bridal hijab designs are more flamboyant, with white as the main color and tulle and stones as accessories. The turban design models made for special occasions, engagement or graduation aim to have a lighter and modern look. Hijabs color is in harmony with the dress and is usually the same color. 

Classic models have an important place among the preferred models for hijab design. With a simpler look, an understated and stylish look can be achieved with classic hijab models that approach daily style. No accessories are used in the classic hijab design.

With a more modern look, the models gathered above leaving the neck exposed are also one of the preferred styles. These models are completed with floral accessories to create both a comfortable and aesthetic look. They are often preferred for events such as engagements.In these models, the forehead is left open and elegant crowns can be used. According to the fabric and model of the clothes, tulle can be helped.Among the hijab design models, there are also ready-made models. There is no need to get help from a professional designer for these models.

How To Make a Hijab Design At Home?

Hijab design is usually applied by experts. Purchased models can be used to design hijabs at home. But if you are looking for more personal styles, you can improve yourself by watching hijab design videos. To design a hijab yourself, you must be prone to use turban pins because many hijab designs are made with temporary stitches and pins.

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