Today, the importance given to hand and nail care has increased. So much so that people made it a passion, and in recent years, too many nail trends have appeared. Each of them has different application areas, some nail shape, some design, and some are about manicure, which prepares the appropriate ground for realizing all of these. We would like to introduce you to one of these trends; Medical (Dry) Manicure. Medical manicure, which is a new method that will be an alternative to the classic watery manicure that has been used for years, seems to strengthen its place day by day.

You may have experienced the watery manicure that is often done in the saloons before. But we are sure that you will not get wet manicures again after meeting with a medical manicure! To briefly talk about medical manicure, this process is done by using electric rasp and milling cutters, unlike conventional manicure, so that much cleaner results are obtained. In addition, the application time is shortened. At the end of the process, the care is completed by using hand and nail oils to obtain a more lively appearance.

What Is Medical Manicure?

Medical (dry) manicure and pedicure, unlike classical manicure, is done without using water. The advantage is that it reduces processing time. In classical manicure, the cuticles should be kept in water to soften, while in dry manicure, such a detail is not needed. With the help of an electric file, we can easily get rid of cuticles. The parts that can be skipped in normal filing can be easily corrected with an electric file and you only have to use your clean and well-groomed nails.

Medikal Manikür Nedir?
What Is Medical Manicure?​

Differences Between Medical Manicure and Classical Manicure

  • It can be used for a much longer period of time compared to the classical manicure method.
  • It is a very healthy method, because the file heads are sterilized after each application. For this reason, you will not experience the fungus problem that can be seen in the classical manicure process. In addition, any infectious disease of the previous person who had the procedure does not affect the next person.
  • Processing time is almost halved and you don’t have to wait in the salon for hours.
  • Bleeding and stinging problems experienced in classical manicure are not experienced after medical manicure. This is also very pleasing for people with diabetes.
  • Since it is made with the help of an electric file, you can have a much more aesthetic nail appearance.
Medikal Manikür Faydaları
Medical Manicure Benefits​

Medical Manicure Benefits

It is wallet friendly as it maintains its permanence for a long time. Since the nails do not soak in any water before this application, the nails do not soften and there is no breakage or deformation in the nails in the subsequent filing and shaping processes.Afterwards, since the message is made with natural oils, the integrity of the nail is preserved. So in fact, medical manicure prepares the nail for further processing and helps to get more effective results. Moreover, it also saves time.

Medical Manicure Prices

Pricing for medical manicures may vary depending on the quality of the procedure applied in each salon and the products used. In order to achieve the healthiest result, it is of great benefit to choose professionals who know their job. Mr&MsBeauty is one of the most accurate addresses you can choose for a medical manicure application. Download the app now to get much more information about the medical manicure prices!

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