Nail Art, which is literally the art of nail decoration, is the general name given to the decoration of nails with various techniques. Nail Art, which has become a trend lately, is also a nice way to complete your look. This process, which can be applied in many different ways, can produce the most orderly results when done by professionals.

What Is Nail Art?

Nail art can be shown as another way of expressing ourselves today, besides showing the nails well-groomed. You can use this process, which can easily fit into every style, both in your daily life and on special occasions with peace of mind. While we can easily make easy models at home, it would be a better choice to leave the models that require finer workmanship to an expert.

Nail Art application, which is highly preferred in the world and in our country today, can be created completely according to the person’s request. The pattern to be chosen can also carry classic, colorful, elegant inspirations. So this choice is yours. In addition, it is possible to choose nail plus to be compatible with your daily look.

Nail Art Nedir?
What Is Nail Art?

How To Do Nail Art ?

To have the nail of your dreams, choosing salons such as Mr&MsBeauty will allow you to achieve much higher quality results.In order to apply nail art, clean and smooth nails are required. Just like an artist needs a flat canvas to create his/her painting.In addition, the well-groomed and smooth nails also make the process much more permanent. For this, manicure should be applied first. Cuticles should be cleared of dead skin and the proper form should be achieved. Then the nail shape should be selected. Oval, almond, square or round, whatever you want. Then the nails should be neatly trimmed and filed. If the form of your natural nails cannot be corrected with manicure, you can also apply for artificial nail application. Thus, Nail Art applications can also be successful.

Nails should be painted with a colorless varnish, and a peelable protector should be applied to prevent overflow of cuticles and to prevent minor accidents. Thus, the desired smoothness can be achieved.Doing this will also prevent the pattern applied on the nail from deteriorating.The equipment in beauty salons is quite sufficient for nail art. In addition, these materials are now available online.After creating the desired base with the help of nail polishes, the desired accessories and even stickers can be added with the help of the nail decoration brush.So much so that you can even have marbling patterns on your nails. Thanks to the fine-tipped pen, the desired details can be expertly applied on the nail. Afterwards, the final touches are made with glitter or different ornaments. After all these processes are completed, the last layer of varnish should be applied.The main issue to be considered here is the quality of the topcoat polish product. Because the whole process can be easily spoiled by a poor quality topcoat polish.The aforementioned polish should also have a fast drying feature so that the person can easily return to his daily life after completing the application. In addition, help from ultraviolet light machines can be taken for the polish to dry more easily.

Nail Art Ne Kadar Kalıcıdır?
How Long Does Nail Art Last?

How Long Does Nail Art Last?

The duration of nail art applications may vary according to the usage habits of the person. In addition, the products used by the salon where the procedure is performed are among the other factors affecting the usage time. If you want to increase the permanence of the process, you can choose professional addresses such as Mr&MsBeauty with peace of mind.Apart from this, of course, there are some things you can do to extend the use of Nail Art; First of all, you can protect your nails if you use gloves when doing things that will damage your nails (such as washing dishes). Apart from that, when you feel that the shine of your nails is lost, you can apply a thin coat of polish to extend the duration of the process. Apart from this, if you have the habit of nail biting, you can also apply products called bitter polish to your nails.

Nail Art Prices

Pricing for nail art may vary depending on the quality of the process applied in each salon and the products used. In order to achieve the healthiest result, it is beneficial to choose professionals who know their job. Mr&MsBeauty is one of the most accurate addresses you can choose for nail art application. Click here to get much more information about nail art prices!

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