Our skin can say a lot about us. Especially neglected, excessively oily or dry skin can be a sign of some diseases. In addition, an unhealthy skin appearance can easily affect even our social life. Regular care of our skin, which can be easily affected by external factors, will help to eliminate these problems.Many undesirable situations such as dust, smoke and polluted air during the day can cause our pores to become clogged. In addition, makeup that is not cleaned properly is one of the factors that prevent our skin from breathing. Although the simplest way to solve these problems is seen as tonic application, this way will not be enough.Because we will not be able to cleanse our face from the dead skin on the top of our skin layer with the help of tonic. In this case, the best solution is Peeling treatment. The main purpose of this application is to open the pores, to purify the skin from dead skin and to give it a bright and lively appearance. Thus, the skin can look much healthier and smoother. Since there are so many types of peeling on the market, the person should consult a specialist and choose the most suitable method for his skin in order to get the most accurate result.

Peeling Treatments According to Skin Types

In order to provide regular care of the skin, peelings made at home can purify the skin from daily dust and dirt. However, these treatments cannot clean the skin deeply. In addition, some products sold in cosmetic markets may not suit all skin types and may cause various reactions. For this reason, it is important to get professional help at certain intervals in terms of protecting our skin health.

  • Dry Skin Type

Dry skin is prone to react easily to any wrong treatment. For this reason, extra attention should be paid to the cleaning of dry skin. It should be noted that the products used do not contain acid. Otherwise, problems such as irritation may occur. After the procedure, the skin must be moisturized.

  • Oily Skin Type

Acid-containing products can be used easily in peeling procedures to be applied to oily skin. Because oily skin is more resistant to this substance. In this skin type, it is aimed to clean the skin from excess oil and maintain the moisture balance.

  • Combination Skin Type

For people with this skin type, the best practice is to apply different care to different areas. While a purifying treatment should be applied to the mostly oily T-zone, it would be much more accurate to apply only purifying and moisturizing care to the drier areas of the cheeks and lip edges.

Cilt Tipine Göre Peeling Uygulamaları
Peeling Treatments According to Skin Types ​
What Are The Different Types of Chemical Peeling?​

What Are The Different Types of Chemical Peeling?

As we mentioned above, the types of peeling can vary according to the skin type of the person. Peeling application may differ according to the depth of care on the skin. For this reason, the procedures may be different from each other. For this reason, the application method of peeling may vary according to these criteria. Since these processes contain acid, they should not be tried at home, it is more suitable to be done by professional addresses such as Mr&MsBeauty.

  • Light Chemical Peels

The amount of acid used in this peeling treatment is very low. For this reason, acid types such as fruit acid, resorcinol and glycolic acid can be preferred for treatment. The main goal is not to irritate the skin too much. In the light peeling process, the skin is purified from the outermost layer (epidermis) that has been damaged by external factors. In addition to providing a basic cleaning for the skin, dryness, skin tone unevenness and prominent fine lines can also be corrected with this application. It is recommended to repeat this treatment approximately every two months.

  • Medium Depth Peels

This process not only cleans the skin deeply, but also neutralizes the color imbalances in the skin and provides a clear appearance. It purifies the skin from the epidermis and dermis layers and provides a much deeper application. The acid rate applied in this process is higher and acids such as Glycolic can be used. It can also be used in the treatment of acne scars. Making the treatment a routine can increase the duration of permanence. After the application, the skin becomes red for a while, then the skin color darkens and after a few days peeling begins. One week after the procedure, it is possible to have healthy skin.

  • Deep Chemical Peels

Deep chemical peeling is a very serious procedure. For this reason, it should only be done by experts in order to avoid irreversible results. Since it is a very deep skin peeling process, it may even require anesthesia in some cases. The skin can be treated with this procedure. In addition, deep wrinkles and precancerous lesions can be treated. Reactions after the procedure can last up to a month, and drug supplements can be taken during this time. It is worth noting that this operation can only be done once.

In addition to all these applications, options such as physical or laser peeling can also be made. Physical exfoliation can be done by using exfoliating products alongside a brush or rough equipment that will not damage the skin. Laser peeling is a procedure used to repair and renew minor skin imperfections.

Peeling Prices

Pricing for the peeling application may differ depending on the quality of the process applied in each salon and the products used. In order to achieve the healthiest result, it is beneficial to choose professionals who know their job. Mr&MsBeauty is one of the best addresses you can choose for a peeling treatment. Download the app now to get more information about the peeling price!

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