Anyone who cares about hand and nail care can easily influence any trend they hear in this area. Considering the numerous nail applications emerging today, these options can become confusing. For this reason, these procedures can be divided into two as long-lasting and short-lasting nail applications. In most cases, transactions that can be done in a short time can be preferred. We would like to introduce you to the most practical of these mentioned processes, Permanent Nail Polish (Also known as gel nail polish). Permanent nail polish can stay on the nail for a much longer time without any damage, unlike the nail polishes we use in our daily life. In addition, permanent nail polishes can be a unique complement to their well-groomed appearance, as they preserve their shine for a long time. Permanent nail polishes are currently a very popular and frequently preferred procedure, both because they are practical to apply and because they offer comfortable use afterward.

What Is Permanent Nail Polish?

Permanent nail polish is a type of nail polish that you can use for a long time. It is also possible to say that permanent nail polish is very easy to apply, so you do not have to wait in the salon for long hours. Thanks to this application, since the nails can breathe, no yellowing problem is encountered in the nails afterwards. Moreover, since it has quality materials, nail polish can maintain its shine for weeks. In addition, they will not disappoint you, as they are resistant to impacts or scratches.

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What Is Permanent Nail Polish?​

How to Apply Permanent Nail Polish?

First of all, it is aimed to smooth the nails, and it is possible to do this easily with the help of a nail file. Gel nail polish applied to a rough surface may not satisfy the person who has the procedure in terms of appearance. After the rasping process, the nail is given the shape chosen according to the person’s desire and taste. (square, oval, pointed, etc.) Afterwards, some preparations are made for the application of permanent nail polish. The first is the degreasing of the nail. Oily nails can affect the permanence of the process. For this reason, a delustrant solution is applied to the nail before nail polish. Although filing is done, there may be fluctuations in the nail or darkening in places due to some disorders in the nail bed. To prevent this, a base that helps neutralize the nail surface is applied. Thus, the nail color is also equalized. Then the coloring process started. Since the mixture of permanent nail polish is different from that of normal nail polish, it would be better to have this process done by a specialist to achieve good results. Otherwise, you may be faced with an unsightly nail. For methods that require such professionalism, you can safely choose addresses such as Mr&MsBeauty. After the coloring process is completed, an application called topcoat is applied to increase the permanence of the nail polish. This process makes the nail polish look much more lively, bright, and full. In this application, it will be a wise choice to choose colors that can be used daily in color selection. Otherwise, it is useful to know that the color you choose will maintain its brightness until it expires. Permanent nail polish becomes ready for use up to 21 days after the application steps are completed.

How Long Does Permanent Nail Polish Last?

Many factors can affect the duration of the permanent nail polish application, from the quality of the salon where the procedure is performed to the usage habits of the person. In addition, abrasive substances such as cleaning products should not be touched too much. In such cases, the use of gloves is very important in preserving the permanence of nail polish. Although the permanence period lasts up to 3 weeks from the moment of application, this period can be extended up to one month by performing the necessary maintenance. It is a very economical method as it does not need to be repeated too much. This technique, which can be used easily until the nail grows, does not require retouching as it is not deformed. However, when the nails grow, the process should be repeated in order not to spoil the appearance.

How Long Does Permanent Nail Polish Last?
How to Remove Permanent Nail Polish?​

How to Remove Permanent Nail Polish?

This application does not come off with acetone, unlike conventional nail polish. For this reason, permanent nail polish removal at home can damage the nail structure and bed. It is important for those who want to remove permanent nail polish to have this procedure done in a reliable salon in order to protect their nail health. Permanent nail polish can only be removed with professional nail solutions. The nails waiting in the special solution are then peeled off by the experts without scratching the nail surface. Since the duration of this procedure is very short, it does not affect your daily life in any way.

Permanent Nail Polish Prices

Pricing for Permanent Nail Polish may vary depending on the quality of the process applied in each salon and the products used. In order to achieve the healthiest result, it is of great benefit to choose professionals who know their job. Mr&MsBeauty is one of the best addresses you can choose for permanent nail polish application. Download the app now to get more information about permanent nail polish prices!

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