When attending special events such as weddings, graduations or parties, we also want our make-up to be special. At this point, porcelain make-up comes to our rescue. Although natural make-up trends have overshadowed porcelain make-up in recent years, porcelain make-up is still a savior. The reason for this is that porcelain make-up is a type of make-up with high coverage. Well, what is porcelain make-up that we often hear, how is porcelain make-up done?

What is Porcelain Make-Up?

Porcelain make-up is a treatment that has the quality to cover all the imperfections on the skin. As a result of porcelain make-up, where the skin color is equalized and the skin becomes smooth, it resembles the skin of porcelain dolls. It gets its name from here because it creates a perfect appearance. Porcelain make-up can be done at home, but a professional porcelain make-up application will produce more successful results.

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What is Porcelain Makeup?​

How To Get Porcelain Make-Up Look?

“How To Get Porcelain Makeup Look?” The answer to the question is largely similar to normal make-up processes, but differs from them in terms of the quality and density of the materials used. Now let’s examine how to make porcelain makeup step by step:

  • It is important to clean the skin first and then moisturize it. Moisturizing masks can be used, which allow the skin to gain moisture and gain a healthy appearance. This will ensure that the makeup is applied better and that it is more permanent.
  • Porcelain bridal makeup models are one of the most preferred makeup types. In order to avoid unwanted situations on such an important day, it is important to rehearse the make-up beforehand with the make-up specialist and to try the materials to be used in make-up.
  • After the skin is moisturized, a base is applied to increase the permanence of the treatment. Since the make-up base also has the function of preparing the skin for make-up, it is a step that should not be skipped while making porcelain make-up.
  • After the base, a foundation that is compatible with the skin color and has a high coverage feature is used.
  • A concealer with a lighter color than the skin color is also applied to remove skin imperfections. When applying concealer, the facial structure is taken into account and it is important to apply concealer to the right points. After the concealer, transparent powder is applied, so that the make-up is fixed and becomes more permanent.
  • Blush to be applied upwards from the cheekbones will prevent the skin from looking pale.
  • For porcelain make-up, the eye section has an important quality. In eye makeup, a base is applied to the eyes and made more permanent. Then headlight and eyeliner are applied. To have full lashes, waterproof mascara, eyelash curler and false eyelashes are used, so that the eyes are highlighted.
  • In Treatment’s final step, lipstick is applied. Preferring lipsticks with matte colors will be the right choice for porcelain make-up.
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How To Get Porcelain Makeup Look At Home?​

How To Get Porcelain Make-Up Look At Home?

Porcelain make-up is a practice that is often associated with beauty salons, but it can also be done at home. Having previous make-up experience is important at this point; because we can’t say that porcelain make-up is a kind that excuses mistakes very much. The porcelain make-up stages listed above are also valid for this application, but it is worth noting some points that should be considered.

The porcelain make-up set is essential for the look you will do at home, so you can complete your make-up more easily. Porcelain make-up set prices vary according to their quality. Porcelain make-up materials include moisturizer, make-up base, concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow palette, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. Once you have these materials, porcelain makeup can be done at home by following Youtube videos.

FAQS About Porcelain Make-Up

Porcelain make-up is more difficult to clean because it is dense and water-resistant. Therefore, it is necessary to choose make-up remover solutions with high make-up removal efficiency. After you clean your skin with these solutions, you can wash it using a micellar facial wash gel. Meanwhile, remember to be gentle with your skin!

The price of porcelain make-up varies according to the specialist who applies it and the products he/she uses. Download the app now to get the price.

Porcelain make-up lasts longer than other types of make-up due to the materials used. Although it can be extended or shortened depending on the conditions, it will last up to 24 hours. However, in terms of skin health, it is recommended not to use porcelain make-up for a long time.

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