We are glad to see you here, so the preparations for one of the most special days of your life have begun! Bridal make-up is a special make-up application that will make you perfect by completing your hair and wedding dress on this important day. We are here to bring you together with the experts on this important day. Now let’s talk a little about wedding makeup.

What Is Wedding Make-Up?

Wedding make-up is a professional make-up experience that is applied in harmony with face type and skin color, wedding dress and hairstyle. There are some points to be considered in wedding make-up that will make you stand out, make you look beautiful in all photos and make everyone who looks at you amazed.

Gelin Makyajı Nedir?
What Is Wedding Makeup?​

How Should Wedding Make-Up Be?

We can answer the question of how the bride’s make-up should be, “it should be natural”. In addition, as we mentioned above, there should be professional make-up that will adapt to your face type, skin, and eye color, eye structure, hairstyle, and wedding dress. This balance should also be maintained with the weight of the make-up: heavy make-up can make you look different from what you are, on the contrary, very plain make-up can create a sloppy impression. For this reason, you should have wedding make-up that will highlight your beauty, use the right colors and tones, fit the face structure and features, look natural and attract attention to the right point.

Doğal Gelin Makyajı
Natural Wedding Makeup​

Natural Wedding Make-Up

You may need a professional touch for a natural make-up that every bride-to-be wants, ultimately we want everything to be perfect on this special day. Therefore, it is better not to leave anything to luck.

When we examine the natural and simple bridal makeup models, we notice that most of them emphasize the eyes, but we are talking about makeup that is suitable for eye color and structure, not exaggeratedly.Therefore, eye makeup is one of the most important parts. When the wedding make-up is done simply, we see that striking colors are not used and the eyeshadows use color tones suitable for eye color. In addition, foundation, bronzer and highlighter suitable for the natural tone of the face are used. For the lips, complementary colors that are close to nude tones and add naturalness to the make-up are preferred.

Recently, this style has become popular as celebrities frequently prefer wedding makeup. Wedding makeup is widely shared on social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, and natural bridal makeup is very common among these posts and pins.

How to Do Wedding Make-Up?

Wedding make-up basically has the same steps as night make-up, but requires more care as it is geared towards a much more personal event. Therefore, it is very important to choose the make-up that suits you.

Now let’s examine how to do bridal makeup step by step:

  • While the wedding preparations are being made, you should rehearse your bridal make-up just as you would rehearse your wedding dress or hairstyle. This will allow you to improve your style by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses before the final bridal makeover.
  • A glowy skin is very important for the most beautiful bridal make-up. For this reason, you should not delay your skin care before the big day comes and you should prepare your face for make-up with a moisturizer that adapts to your skin before make-up.
  • After moisturizing her skin well, make-up base is next. Make-up base makes your moisturized skin ready for make-up. If you wish, you can also use a special base for your eyes, thus supporting your eye makeup.
  • Finding the perfect foundation for you is the next step. Finding the foundation that matches your skin tone and skin type is an extremely critical point for bridal makeup.
  • You should apply the foundation in a thin layer all over your face and neck, so that it spreads well. So you can get simple bridal makeup.
  • If there are dark spots on the skin, you can use concealer to hide them.
  • Eye makeup is next! You can start eye make-up, which is one of the most crucial points of bridal make-up, with light and nude tones and darken the color according to your eye shape. However, you should not overshadow your makeup by using very dark tones.
  • You can complete your eye makeup with eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes. In addition, you can shape your eyebrows correctly and make them prominent by using eyebrow shadow or pencil.
  • Depending on your face type, you can use bronzer under the cheekbones, so your face will look thinner and your cheekbones protruding. But you have to do this application right, otherwise your face may look much longer than you want.
  • You can make your face look bright by applying highlighter around your nose and eyes. Let us remind you that you need to use enough illuminators for natural make-up.
  • Finally, you can complete the make-up by applying a lipstick that matches your eye make-up and skin tone. Don’t forget to use a make-up fixer so that your make-up doesn’t run for long hours!

What Should Be Considered For Wedding Make-Up?

One of the questions that is constantly asked is “What should be considered for wedding make-up? That’s why we have listed some points that you should pay attention to when doing wedding make-up: 

  • In order for your skin not to look pale, you should avoid products with SPF content and sunscreen properties and light-colored powders.
  • You should choose a waterproof mascara, it is useful to be prepared for emotional moments!
  • Too much sparkle may appeal to you, but you will already catch that sparkle with your smile and happiness. Therefore, our advice is to stick to natural tones for all of your makeup.
  • Applying the lipstick in layers will both make the color more permanent and provide you with fuller lips. After applying your lipstick, you can repeat this in a thin layer, and finally you can use a light gloss.
Gelin Makyajı İçin Nelere Dikkat Edilmeli?
What Should Be Considered For Wedding Makeup?​

The Most Curious About Wedding Make-Up

Professional wedding make-up is one of the most preferred for make-up. In addition, porcelain wedding make-up is preferred for a more flamboyant and flawless make-up. Recently, the most preferred bridal make-up has been natural make-up. We recommend you to have professional natural wedding make-up, taking into account the model of your wedding dress.

Porcelain bridal make-up is made by following the steps listed above, but the coverage, color tones and density of the materials used are more. Thus, all skin imperfections are covered.

Bridal make-up can be done by professionals in beauty salons or at home. For bridal makeup, it is important to choose someone who knows you and whose expertise you trust.

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